Inside the Studio: An inside view of Peruvian Artists

Sure, it´s one thing to visit artwork when it’s hanging in a gallery or museum, but how about when it’s still fresh on the canvas? Furthermore, how can you really begin to understand the artistic process that leads to the inspirational pieces? Well, one great suggestion would be to go and see the artists at work in their studio,  but is that even a possibility? Yes! With the well-connected and bubbly Brenda at Tailored Tours Peru, gaining a sneak peek into the work of different Peruvian artists just became an activity you can put to the top of your Lima-list.   Yet there are so many diverse artists and genres on the Peruvian art scene that just visiting one would  not be representative of the reality here. How about three? [Continue reading…]

Adventures in Beer (Part 2): Artisanal Cervezas

If you´ve read my previous beer adventures in Peru, you’ll know that there are a few home-grown specialties that come in varying degrees of tastiness. However beyond the Peruvian institution that is Cuzqueña, you can find some more specialized beers in the city to shake up your taste buds somewhat. Read more..

Adventures in Beer (Part 1): Peruvian Cervezas

When in Peru, drink as the Peruvians? Absolutely. But no, I’m not talking about Pisco this time, but Peru’s very own, home-grown, range of cervezas. That’s beer, to you and me. Read more..

Bohemian Barranco: An Artist's Neighborhood

Barranco is already well-known as the Bohemian district of Lima, and here you will find the homes of Lima’s artists, poets and dreamers. Unsurprisingly, in such a neighborhood you will also find multiple examples of street art that reflect the creative nature of the residents, and it makes a wonderful place to explore more urban art. Read more..

Lima Welcomes to the Stage: The Vagina Monologues

Not words you’d expect to hear in Catholic Peru, but hear them I did at a packed-out Miraflores theatre. Non other than the internationally recognised play by Vagina Monologues has come to Lima. Now 20 years old, it took its time in arriving (the first play was in 2001), but judging by the size of the audience it is safe to say that there is definite interest among Peruvian women in intimate self-discovery. Read more..

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