Experience Peruvian Patriotism in Tacna

Provinces near the borders of a country are usually rife with legends, propaganda, myths, lies and truths. Border regions usually have disputes too, which invariably lead to wars and deaths. Most countries that are at war with their neighbors are usually those with disputed territories. Peru once had a dispute with its southern neighbor, Chile, too. Read more..

What Must You Pack to Peru around August?

If you are unsure of what to carry when you are in Peru during July and August, look no further than this post. Temperatures average around 20 degree Celsius during the day and around 15 degrees Celsius at night, in Lima. However, if you plan to go further up to the mountains, you will need very warm clothing. Read more..

Should You Learn Spanish before Volunteering in Peru?

If you were planning to visit Peru or volunteer at Karikuy, you might have wondered if you should learn some Spanish. The answer is, it would be great if you could speak a few words of Spanish. If you do not know at all, you should be able to get around just fine in Lima, and also in some other places frequented by tourists such as Machu Picchu and Cusco. Read more..

Grab Your Forks and Knives to Dig In Some Andean Cuy

If you happen to travel to Andean Peru, you just can’t skip being offered Cuy. Cuy is a traditional dish of the region which is also known as Conejillo de indias i.e. guinea pig in English. Cuy is typically a rodent that began to be called as guinea pig after Spanish came into the region. Tasting a cuy can be daunting in the beginning especially for a weak hearted person owing to its looks. It is the taste that drives you to eat more. Read more..

The Karikuy Volunteer House is Open!

After 3 years of renovating, Karikuy is proud to announce that the Karikuy Volunteer House is now complete and ready to take in new volunteers for 2016 and beyond. Although we have been housing new volunteer for the past year we can proudly show off the new crib and what volunteers can expect to call home during their time in Lima.

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