Understanding The Conflicts in Bagua

The conflicts in Bagua these past couple of days were in response to an executive order which blocked any further legislation on a controversial decree. This decree basically opened up the Amazon to oil and lumber companies for exploitation, a move that the President of Peru, Alan Garcia has been planning since the signing of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States of America.

Alan Garcia’s Government has done a great job in alienating the Amazonian people, going as far as saying “These people aren’t first-class citizens who can say — 400,000 natives to 28 million Peruvians — ‘You don’t have the right to be here.’ No way. That is a huge error.” these are Garcia’s own words. Words of hate and words of what is now being called a Genocide against the native people of Amazonian Peru.

Here are three very good videos that try to explain the events in Bagua:

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Julio C. Tello

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