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I am Chani from Chicago and am going to write about dance. I have never been to South America or any other Spanish speaking country. So, I am in Peru; a very new adventure. The trip here was just fine, almost missed my flight but it worked out just fine and Julio was waiting at the airport. Thursday was our tour of Lima, I got to try emoliente. Emoliente is a thick tea with different herb and fruit extracts- mad yums. Maren pretty much summed up our adventures of the weekend. But I can add my own little tid bits and thoughts.

I too enjoyed the dancing. As a dancer I really appreciated the fact that everyone here dances. In the states I often feel that role is delegated to females. The dancing is not so grinding like even when American hip-hop songs play. At the Peña we had this older guy come up to Maren and I numerous times to ask us to dance and gives us roses made out of napkins.  

Also, the Peruvians have their own way to drink beer. There is one pitcher or large bottle that is open at a time and the group has one cup. Each person pours and then drinks from the cup and then passes it on. The point here is not to get drunk really quick, but to stay up late (or I guess until the morning ) and dance. I have some work to do – I get tired at like 1:30!   

I also really appreciate that the food is always fresh here. The Peruvians don’t keep a lot of food in the fridge but go to the market almost daily to get fresh food for cooking. Though I must say Peru is not a place meant for vegetarians.  But I am having no problems in Karikuy, they usually give me an egg or more food in place of the meat (thanks!).

Tour of Lima

Chani Bockwinkel

I am from Chicago. I like to dance. 2009 Karikuy Volunteer.

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