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So this week I used the public transportation by myself. Honestly I was a little nervous. All of the traffic, street vendors, all the different buses and people yelling out street names, are a lot to take in. Not to mention that my Spanish is pretty poor. It worked out fine, the people of Lima are very helpful and friendly. They pointed out where I needed to get off and (despite my broken spanish) helped my find the streets. I would recommend ( if your Spanish is bad) carrying a notebook with you- it helped me to write down the address and give it to the driver for directions. One of the places I was going the taxi driver and I could not find, so he pulled over and used a pay phone to call the place for me.

So.. Where did I take these taxi’s to? readers must be dying to know. Well, I went to explore the dance scene of Lima. Specifically the modern and contemporary scene because that is my preferred style of movement. I found that the dance scene is very small. One major contributing factor to this is lack of funding. Dance receives very little money or sponsorship, even more so in the modern community. Therefore most of the dancers are not paid and are just creating works with their own resources. Therefore there are little jobs available to create a career so many dancers must either leave the country or choose another profession to support themselves. There is also no opportunity to study dance at a college or University. Universidad Catolico has a non accredited program- but the issues still remains a major lack of job opportunities. The dance people I have met thus far have continued to promote my perceptions of limeñans being nice people. They were willing to meet with me and let me take their classes.  One even fed me lunch and gave me change for a combi! The community is small but comprised of dedicated people who continue on regardless of monetary barriers.

On a non dance note Julio and I ate tasty Brasilian food. I had this fish in a savory- not too heavy, coconut milk sauce with tomatoes and peppers and Julio had this massive burger. The burger had fried egg, ham, two kinds of cheese, lettuce, tomato and fried bananas on it! The place is in Miraflores near Parque Kennedy, check it out.

We met up with my friend from Chicago and had drinks at this swanky bar in Barranco
We met up with my friend from Chicago and had drinks at this swanky bar in Barranco

Mural at D-1 Dance
Mural At D-1 Dance

My Brasilian Food.
My Brasilian Food.

Chani Bockwinkel

I am from Chicago. I like to dance. 2009 Karikuy Volunteer.

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