A Taste of Trujillo

Tariy 2009 – Day 6.

Yesterdays run in with the police and the ensuing slaughter by their crony mosquitoes had given me a restless night. I awoke for the 20th and last time to begin my day exploring and checking out my operators in Trujillo. I took advantage of my last couple hours at Hostel Colonial to take another excellent shower. I knew I wouldn’t be spending another night at the Hostel, not because it was bad (in fact it was one of the best I’ve stayed in) but because if I was to continue my trip up north I would have to balance my budget…how boring…but that’s half of what backpacking is about, the other half is adventure mixed in with some luck.

A very bright and cozy room in Hostal Colonial
A very bright and cozy room in Hostal Colonial

I said goodbye to my new found friends at Hostel Colonial (Jr. Independencia 618), a Hostel that I will definitely recommend to my future clients. As I headed out for a walk around Trujillo I immediately noticed that I was perhaps a bit too overdressed for the very hot and dry climate. Me with my dress shirt and pants, ready to make new contacts and check up on old ones in the city, meanwhile drenched in sweat..how appealing. I decided to keep in the shade, no matter how awkward I would look weaving through the city streets like a lizard in a desert trying to find shade. In the process I found a laundromat to take care of some dirty clothes hiding in my backpack, it’s at this time that I also noticed that I had some clothes missing. I tried to gather my thoughts to figure out in what city I could have left them in, however my after hour adventures seem to all be very misty and I couldn’t remember for the life in me where I had even last worn them.

Hostal Colonial

Flipping the page; after a breakfast of my usual egg sandwich and papaya juice I headed out to visit my contacts in the city, quite routine stuff really that I won’t bother writing about. Instead I will focus on my highlights of the day; all of which include eating out.

mmmm Peruvian cheeseburger
mmmm Peruvian cheeseburger

For lunch I checked out Sandwicheria Jano’s located at Jr. Pizarro 711, this small sandwicheria has been running since 1979 and has grown quite popular since then. Their hamburgers are delicious with their more famous ones having names such as la Hawayana, la Criolla, el Español and la Patriota. All come with their own unique flavor, I opted for the traditional Cheese Burger, however next time around I’d love to try out the Definitivo; at about half a foot thick how can you go wrong?


After Lunch I decided to look for an affordable place to crash for the night. I have to say that Trujillo is one of the more expensive cities in Peru, I went from hostel to hostel bartering for prices but couldn’t find a room for less then 35 s/. a night. The one room I decided to stick with at this price was tiny, the bed practically took up the entire room alone and I had to sit sideways on the john if I intended to use it. One of the more ridiculous aspects of the room was the 27 inch TV hanging in front of the bed near the rooms entrance, a bit obnoxious really but good if your big into TV and like that in your face movie experience.

me watching some in your face tely

After a small nap I headed over to the central market to buy my girlfriend a gift, you know to show her I care, but not that it mattered because upon my arrival in Lima she accepted the gift but not the gift giver; claiming I spent too much time traveling. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts I guess, I won’t burden you anymore with my sappy love life, time for some juice.

Jugueria San Agustin, packed as always.

La Jugueria San Agustin is a very well known landmark in Trujillo, in fact some could say it has evolved to have its own legendary status. Whats my take? I like the juice…it’s very good, and will all the different fruit combination’s I am sure it is one of those places where you could never order the same juice twice. They also carry snacks such as hot dogs and sandwiches although I didn’t get to try them I am sure they aren’t bad, but this place is known for its juice. Many say it’s the world’s best juice, I don’t know if that is true although I can’t say I’ve tasted better anyplace else I’ve traveled and judging by the fact that Peru has so many different types of fruit I can only say that perhaps that comment isn’t too far off. La Jugueria San Agustin now has several locations around Trujillo, but if you want to visit the original and the place that is always packed then head over to Calle Bolivar 522. The jugueria is right next to the Catedral San Agustin.

The beautiful Catedral San Agustin

Getting back to that great Chifa restaurant from my previous Tariy post, it is called Chifa Shanghai, it’s located at Jr. Pizarro 790, not too far from Jano’s Sandwiches. Like I mentioned I gotta say they are probably the best budget Chifa restaurant I have been to in Peru. Unfortunately I was unable to take any pictures of the dishes as I was busy consuming them.

After dinner I headed back to my cramped hotel room to watch TV and call it a night, normally I would have ventured out to find some nightlife but from my previous experience in Trujillo I knew that it would just be a waste of time and money. I’ll only explain it by saying that going out in Trujillo seems similar to the way we do it in the States; drinking among familiar groups and little dancing. I’d bide my time for Máncora and the northern beaches of Peru.

Daily Expenditure – 119.60 s/. = $40

3.50 – Breakfast
1.50 – Internet
13.60 – Laundry
9.50 – Lunch
35 – Hostel
2.50 – Internet
2 – Juice
45 – Gift for the Girlfriend (ex)
7 – Dinner

Julio C. Tello

Founder of Karikuy, an organization in Peru that brings travelers to visit and explore the country. Julio also runs the Karikuy Volunteer program and is the editor of this blog. Julio likes to write about his adventures in Peru as well as Peruvian folklore, mysteries and secluded locations.

2 thoughts on “A Taste of Trujillo

  • July 20, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    "…45 – Gift for the Girlfriend (ex)…"

    Haha! Oh well, at least you spent some time in beautiful Trujillo. Definitely worth the sacrifice.

  • February 11, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Besides burges for lunch you can find some good menus in the hearth of Trujillo. Maybe you can try some places in Jr. Pizarro, Gamarra, Orbegoso.

    I'm very confident that Trujillo can offered more than burgers….


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