Graffiti Outing 1: Centro (updated)

Recently as a part of the perupedia graffiti project I went on a graffiti field trip to central lima in order to try and discover some new gems. Because some of the areas (even in central) are too dangerous for a camera toting tourist to wander around I had the excellent help of uncle freddy in driving around, surveying areas. Luckilly enough, I managed to get in and out like some kind of stealthy graffiti ninja without being noticed.

In total the trip took around 6 hours, 90+ pictures and…. several pages of paper. But without further ado here’s a gallery of some of my best finds from central lima:


Central lima

The goethe institute

One of the biggest and best quality areas turned out to be the goeth language institute.



Evil cubes



Even more faces

Trazo, trazo, trazo.

One of the most recuring artists in my excursion was trazo. A man (or woman) yet unidentified.

Two lovers embracing

A hawaian lady – av cuba


Update: Apparently these figures are an important collection of poets and writers. I’m still working on identifying these figures: know who they are? Consider contributing!

Panorama 2

Everything else

A major wall near CC jesus maria

Faces and stitches

Around karikuy HQ

A murial of Christ, lolo fernandez and Hector Lavoe.

Lolo fernandez was a very famous universitario player that lead the football team to a 7 time win over their arch enemies, Alianzia. Perupedia

Hector Lavoe was a famous puerto rican salsa singer.Perupedia

Both of these are a very common theme in lima.


A very common tag in lima is the U, representing support for one of the countries biggest football teams “Universitario desportes” (also known as the red and creams). Frequently they are put onto doors, houses etc of supporters in a similar manner to in callao where you’ll often see ‘I’m a callo’ on nearly every door in the fiercely independent sub town.


Google earth

I’ve made a KML file publically available for the project, which can be downloaded from the google earth BBS site . For you non-techy people this is a file that can be opened by the excellent geographical program google earth. After opening the file you will be able to see all of the areas that I foto’d (and could find in the software) as a point of varitable interest.

If you don’t have google earth, then No problem! You might like to know that on the wiki there is agraffiti lima portal with an embedded googlemap that means you don’t even have to install Google Earth.

Flickr page

All of the other pictures are available on my flickr page. Go ahead and check it out!

peter gent

I used to work in the games industry. Now studying for entry into politics and Spanish at portsmouth university. 2009 Karikuy Volunteer.

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