Work continues on the graffiti page

Work on the perupedia graffiti page is currently going full steam ahead (although admitedly there might be a few wheels missing here and there off the mighty steam engine.) with portals, categories, guidelines and other groundwork being slotted into place as quickly as possible.

There is now a main portal for graffiti & street art in peru and a subportal for graffiti lima.

About the project

* Document the extensive history of peruvian graffiti and politics.
* Document works of graffiti or street art in lima metro and beyond.
* Give up to date news on these works, events, shops and other affilirations to the graffiti scene in peru via galleries, artists pages etc.
* To connect admierers, photographers, writers and artists together through contacts, discussion etc.
* Expose graffiti to a wide audience through tours, better understanding and by making the art accessible to everyone.

Work in recent days

Work in the recent days has focused on design, groundwork and organization of foto’s from a recent field trip that I did around miraflores, san isidero, areas of baranco and centro. I’ve made available these photos on my flickr, however they are quickly being slotted into place on the wiki and we now have pages for collectives, walls of interest, graffiti artists and works

What does the future hold ?

It goes without saying that what we really need is more contributers to the project. So If you know someone thats involved in the peruvian graffiti scene you should try and encourage them to contribute to the project in some way or other.

Also any programmers or people more experienced with wikis than me (and yeah there are a lot of those!) out there should consider helping out with the still to do list.

The still to do list


* Create portals for each province in peru
* Standardize portal layout
* Get googlemaps extension to work properally – this means changing the default area on a per page basis. E.g. the lima metro graffiti portal should point a googlemap to zoom into the lima metro area.


Graffiti lima

* Add ‘s graffiti gallery to the main wiki. This means individual pages for each work of art.
* Add profiles for artists – pesimo, charq, entes, sizerom etcccc.
* Add more collectives to the list.
* Add any upcoming events, News etc.
* Start adding more detail to the profiles to move them from alpha to beta and gold status.
* Geotag and review items that couldn’t be found on my own flickr.

peter gent

I used to work in the games industry. Now studying for entry into politics and Spanish at portsmouth university. 2009 Karikuy Volunteer.

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