Lunahuana Celebrates Holidays with Scenic Tours & Food

Lunahuana is a paradise for adventure sports.
Lunahuana is a paradise for adventure sports.

The Municipality of Lunahuana in the Lima province of Cañete has prepared a varied program of cultural, gastronomic, recreational and tourist activities on the occasion of Peru’s 188th anniversary of independence.Local tourism official Ramon Payat Arteaga said celebrations for the country’s independence anniversary started on Tuesday, July 28, with a solemn mass and the hoisting of the national flag at Lunahuana’s Main Square.

“The goal is to promote our cultural, gastronomic and landscape attractions, especially our flagship drink, Pisco, and encourage more people to visit Lunahuana,” said Payat Arteaga.

He mentioned that a series of handicraft, wine and food fairs offering dishes prepared with shrimp, duck, chicken and guinea pig are taking place in Lunahuana town these National holidays.

Another popular tourist attraction in this cozy town is the Night Party Tour Bus which includes onboard artistic shows and guided tours to the mysterious “Haunted House,” Catapalla area, the Pisco Museum, Rivadeneyra winery and a disco-pub.

Lunahuana will host today its traditional cockfighting in Paullo, guided tours on four-wheelers, as well as diverse activities like canoeing, camping, rapelling, and rock climbing.

The pleasant valley of Lunahuana, a paradise for adventure sports lovers, is just half an hour from San Vicente de Cañete, a town 150 km south of Lima.


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