The Land of the Eternal Sun

Tariy 2009 – Day 7.

I woke up excited knowing that tonight I would be reaching the culmination of my trip by arriving at Máncora. I had spent the night in Trujillo, having spent the previous day exploring its culinary delights. Having spent some time in Trujillo the previous year, I was more then ready to set out and explore the new.

Linea Bus - Trujillo
Linea Bus - Trujillo

I headed out of my claustrophobic, albeit budget hostel room and into the warm autumn breeze of Trujillo. Once again I found myself ducking for shade as the day heated up, I had a couple of errands to do before heading for Chiclayo, Piura and on to Máncora. After I had picked up breakfast (egg roll with juice) as well as my laundry I headed for the Linea bus station to catch a ride to Chiclayo.

I was fortunate enough to catch a seat next to a very beautiful girl named Alejandra from Tarapoto. She was traveling up from Lima to Chiclayo to visit some friends. We spent the ride chatting about horticulture which is her field of study and I explained how in the future Karikuy would be experimenting with sustainable agriculture for our Ñawpa Kutiq project. A conversation made very poignant as we drove passes the barren desert coast on our way to Chiclayo, a desert coast that if irrigated could add to Peru’s already exceptional soil that makes it among the highest yielding in the world.


The road to Piura
The road to Piura

“Todo tiene su final” (everything comes to an end) so upon reaching Chiclayo I said my goodbyes to Alejandra and promised to keep in touch. I immediately boarded another bus headed to Piura, perhaps I had been rushing my trip a little bit and I regret that now but I was eager to return to Lima to catch up on some work. I had left Trujillo at 11am and it was now 1:30 pm as my bus made its way inland to the always muggy Piura. On the way the scenery began to change as more vegetation began to appear followed by endless agricultural fields. Passengers on the bus became lethargic as the rising temperature inland began to flood the inside of the bus, the few small windows that could be opened were our only salvation as we neared Piura.


They didn't have Coca-Cola :(
They didn't have Coca-Cola 🙁

It only makes sense that arriving in Piura I had amassed quite the thirst, so before hopping on my next bus to Máncora I headed out for a refreshment and a papa rellena (stuffed patato). I didn’t get to see much of Piura unfortunately as I remained around the bus station. I wanted to arrive in Máncora that night so I found a bus headed to Máncora for 12 soles departing at 6:15 pm (Eppo, Av. Sanchez Cerro 1141). The sun set that night on the tranquil roads of the north with little fanfare. Night settled in giving each light on the horizon a life of it’s own.  The bus passed several fairs and carnivals on the way to Máncora, each with its unique variety of amusements, a blur to the uncaring eye.


I arrived in Máncora 5 hours later, the small beach town was still buzzing with tourists and locals. Like any other small beach town the main strip is only made up of one main road where most of the restaurants and services are. I got off the bus and pulled over one of the many moto-taxis which are the main form of transportation in town. Being a budget traveler he guided me to Hospedaje Bako (Centro Veraniego) right on the beach. For 25 soles I got my own room with a private bathroom on the second floor of the large beach side hostel.

mancora-bonfireThat night I went out for a couple drinks and made some friends with the locals at one of the discotecas (night clubs). I found that the majority of the patrons were teenagers from surrounding towns with the occasional tourists trying to dance to the rhythms of Cumbia Tropical and Salsa. The night ended with a bonfire with my new found friends on the beach as we drank some beers and toasted the night to my trip and Máncora.

My next post will detail the following day in Máncora. It will highlight some of the hotels and resorts as well as where to find the best Ceviche in town. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on the final entry of my Tariy 2009 series.

Daily Expenditure – 92.50 s/. = $31

4.50 – Breakfast
15 – Trujillo – Chiclayo (bus)
13 – Chiclayo – Piura (bus)
8.50 – Lunch – Chaufa
12 – Piura – Máncora
1.50 – Water
3 – Dinner – Pepsi & Papa Rellena
10 – Beer
25 – Bako (hotel)

Julio C. Tello

Founder of Karikuy, an organization in Peru that brings travelers to visit and explore the country. Julio also runs the Karikuy Volunteer program and is the editor of this blog. Julio likes to write about his adventures in Peru as well as Peruvian folklore, mysteries and secluded locations.

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