Documentary on Peru’s Marcahuasi to be aired in the US

The Documentary Channel tonight will air a 59-minute documentary entitled “Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markahuasi, Peru” which was filmed two years ago by BC Video Inc.

The documentary was directed by Bill Cote, who won two Emmy Awards for his film “The Mistery of the Sphnyx.”

According to Peter Schneider, the films’s Executive Director, archaeologist Robert M. Schoch, who was invited to participate in the documentary, believes that Markahuasi might be even older than the piramyds of Egypt.

“He was amazed and absolutely fascinated with Markahuasi,” explained Schneider, adding that the place is still one of the biggest enigmas in Peru.

Another discovery that the documentary will feature is the similarity between the egyptian Sphinx and a huge rock formation in Markahuasi, which “is something impressive,” and could “lead us to the possibility of direct contact between ancient Peruvians and Egyptians.”

The Documentary Channel headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, has scheduled this documentary for tonight at 9 pm Eastern Time (US).

The Documentary Channel is the USA’s first 24-hour television network exclusively devoted to documentary films and the independent documentary filmmaker, providing viewers with round-the-clock opportunities to see fascinating, eclectic and award-winning documentary films of all lengths and genres.

It was founded by Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker Tom Neff in January 2006.


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