Alianza Lima Vs. Universitario, The Super Classico Championship Finals

Since 1928, the bitter feud between the two biggest clubs in Peru has claimed heart felt wins and devastating losses on both fields. The battle for the best soccer team in Peru has claimed many lives in the process due to the violent nature of the sport in South America, but nowhere else in the world is the passion for such a sporting event the same then as in the fields of Matute and el Monumental in Lima. That is where in the next 2 weeks the ultimate battle will be fought to declare the Champion of the 2009 Futbol Season in Peru. Both teams have only victory on their minds as each will play on their home field once for home and away matches to crown this years Champions.

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Alianza-Lima-Vs-UniversitarioThe Second Leg takes place at the Monumental Stadium this afternoon starting at 3pm EST and the Karikuy blog will be bringing you Live Streaming Video of the match, so be here to catch the Epic Clash.

For more on the history of the rivalry read: El Super Classico

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