Copa Libertadores: Libertad vs. Universitario

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Tonight at 8:45 PM EST, Group leaders Libertad of Paraguay and Universitario of Peru meet for the second and last time to claim a berth in the 2010 Copa Libertadores knockout round. The showdown will take place in Asuncion Paraguay, both teams remain undefeated in the groups stage, this match serving as a defining moment for both as they look to advance to the next round.

Catch the action here live beginning at 8:00 PM EST, we will be streaming the match live. For more information on the match and a comparison of both teams visit Soccerway.

– Libertad: Bernardo Medina, Victor Caceres, Adalberto Román Pedro Sarabia, Victor Ayala, Sergio Aquino, Edgar Robles Miguel Samudio, Rodolfo Gamarra, Pablo Velazquez and Javier Gonzalez. Coach: Javier Torrente.

– Universitario: Raul Fernandez, Renzo Revoredo, Carlos Galvan, John Galliquio, Jesus Rabanal, Reiner Torres, Antonio Gonzalez, Rodolfo Espinoza, Johan Vásquez, Piero Alva, Gianfranco Labarthe. Coach: Juan Reynoso.

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