Where To Eat The Best Cebiche In Peru?

We all have a corner where we go to eat a delicious ceviche with spicy lime that makes us sweat. Now we can vote for it to be chosen the best Cebicheria in the country.

In a year where we’ll elect a new mayor and the presidential campaign begins, we will also choose the three best cebicherías in Peru. In this case there is no need to the polls, through the Internet you’ll be able to make your suggestions and vote.

De todo un poco. Los postulantes también ofrecerán diversos tipos de cebiche como este. (Foto: Sebastian Ortiz)

“The vote will be pure democracy, that is, we will choose the most voted for. In any case a team of chefs will go to verify the quality of the locations. How they prepare the cebiche, their service, but what will prevail is public opinion.” says Ricardo Ráez to elcomercio.pe of Ácido un Gusto, one of the organizers of the competition.

Javier Vargas, president of the Seafood Restaurateurs Association of Peru, said the search for the best cebicherías can lead to restaurants wanting to win and entering into a healthy competition thereby raising their level of quality, not only in taste but in comfort.

The Cebiche Route

With the final result, which will also highlight the places with the best tastes of their district and region, there will be a digital and physical guide created in order to ensure that diners can travel the country discovering our marine gastronomy. “The Peruvian cebicherías are a type of restaurant that identifies our country. Our ceviche is unique and therefore the places they are made as well. After this contest they will become an icon of our culture, “said Raez.

The Worth of a Fisherman

At the awards, to be held on June 28, the National Day of Ceviche, the Seafood Restaurateurs Association of Peru will recognize the fishermen from the different ports of the country, because it is due to their work that Seafood is a reality. In this regard, the Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Maria Isabel Talledo, said his office will build on the artisanal fisheries to create opportunities so that marine products arrive in good shape to ports.

You can nominate and vote for a Cebicheria until April 15 at the website cebicheperu.pe.

So far there are over 500 registered cebicherías, 70% of them are from Lima.

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Who would you vote the best Cebicheria in Peru? Share your thoughts below.

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