Epic Fail: Machu Picchu Suspends Reopening, Hundreds Locked Out

MACHU PICCHU, Peru, – What was supposed to be a joyous occasion in the Andes of Peru suddenly turned sour as hundreds found themselves locked out of the 7th Wonder of the World. Machu Picchu, which had been closed for two months due to catastrophic floods in the area, was planned to be reopened today to the world but something went horribly wrong.

As the worldwide press and tourists from countries all over the planet gathered to enter the site this morning events began to unfold. “We were waiting on line for what seemed thousands of seconds, it was truly unbearable.” exclaimed Marie Buffemkeist who had made the trip from as far as Germany. While Alfred Piñera from Chile added “It was truly a disaster, we were all screaming at the guards to let us in, we were frying in the sun for 5.. 10 minutes, at least!”. For at least 10 minutes tourists scrambled in confusion not knowing what to do next as they desperately sought information from one in another. “The scene was chaotic, I have never been asked so many questions before, I didn’t even know the answers so I just began to make stuff up! better to know then not know I guess..” replied Sasha Cortez another Chilean stranded at the entrance to Machu Picchu.

Crisis at Machu Picchu

It was only until minutes after the crisis hit that tourists began to get some information in from the authorities. “We kept hearing the name Osvaldo or Ronaldo, something like that, they all sound so similar, but we were relieved to finally have someone to blame.” said Shelly Fox from the UK. Only seconds later was the true cause known for the crisis, in short Machu Picchu’s Gatekeeper had simply misplaced the keys to open the sites gates to the public. “I was on my way to open the gates when I dropped the keys by accident, I tried to find them quickly but it turned out that a tourist had stepped on the keys and I had to explain to him that it was under his foot, he couldn’t understand me.” said Carlo, Machu Picchu’s gatekeeper, he added ” After I retrieved the key thats when the crowd really turned on me, I thought they were going to rush me so I just opened the gate as fast as I could.”

As it turned Richard Netovic, the tourist who had stepped on the key was unaware of being involved in the crisis, ” I thought he (Carlo) was just trying to sell me something so I ignored him at first, then as minutes flew by I began to get concerned and started asking people around me what was going on. I panicked.”

And so as quickly as the crisis started it began to subside, but for what could have been hours Machu Picchu’s grand reopening was briefly suspended today. As the tourists began to make their way into the Citadel we caught up with Cesar one of the security guards on duty to ask what he thought of the events; “I was in the bathroom at the time so I missed the whole thing, but these things happen, especially in Peru.”

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