Copa Libertadores: Universitario vs. Blooming

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20:30 From Peru (9:30 PM EST), Universitario will host Bolivian Blooming in a Group 4 match for the Copa Libertadores, played in the city of Lima.

With a victory, the Universitario will lead Group 4, taking the first option to qualify for the knockout stages of the tournament. For this reason, comments striker Piero Alva, “a win becomes indispensable, if you do not want major problems to advance in Libertadores.”

Blooming is last in the group, with a poor performance so far in the tournament, so there is confidence on the Peruvian side to achieve a favorable outcome.

Universitario has had a good campaign in the Copa Libertadores so far, so their fans hope that they finally get the classification.

The meeting will be held at the Monumental stadium, which will be conducted by a panel arbitration from Brazil.

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The starting lineups are as follows:

– UNIVERSITARIO : Raul Fernandez, Renzo Revoredo, Carlos Galvan, John Galliquio, Jesus Rabanal, Rodolfo Espinoza, Rainer Torres, Antonio Gonzales, Johan Vasquez, Victor Piriz, Piero Alva.

– BLOOMING: Andrés Jemio, Wilder Zabala, Fabricio Brandao, Omar Morales, Andres Imperiale, Alejandro Gomez, David Villalba, Lorgio Alvarez, José Chavez, Luis Carlos Vieira and Jose Alfredo Castillo.

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