In Search Of Lima’s Best Coffee: Pt. 2

As my time in Lima draws to a close, it’s time to expand a coffee addict’s coffee shop round up. In case you missed the first take, make sure to check out part one here. As Lima begins its slow and steady expansion of its café culture, more coffee gems are bound to pop up. Until then, check out these new noteworthy addititions.

Café Café

Tourists and locals of all ages convene at Café Café, a cozy three storied coffee bistro in Miraflores. Surrounded by contemporary ceiling art, wicker chairs and a delicious desert display, coffee goers are treated to a picture perfect mokaccino (S/. 6.5) or refreshingly simple latte (S/. 6). Hungry for something other than rice and chicken plates? Satiate your appetite with non-Peruvian fare like the pita caprese (S/. 8.5) or the pizza jamon ingles (S/. 23). Café Café, Mártir Olaya 250 Miraflores, 445-1165, Café Café’s is also located in Larcomar & Chorrillos.

El Cordano

Grandpa’s favorite hangout is still here, but without the smokey cigar smell. Wooden coat hangers, black and white photographs, shelves of wines and gentlemen’s drinks like cognac and gin fill this 1920s salon located across the street from the Government Palace. Although the atmosphere may seem satisfyingly old school speakeasy, coffee drinker beware: their version of the cafe con leche is just plain weird with a very peculiar vanilla soy taste and not even a hint of espresso flavor. El Cordano, Ancash 202, Cercado de Lima 427-0181.


I’m ashamed to say that, yes, I, Lani Conway, checked out Starbucks in the name of research. Surprisingly, the experience was not as painful as one might expect. Nestled in the recently opened Real Plaza shopping center, this Starbucks is nothing out of the ordinary — Formulated, bland coffee and lackluster pastries. But for the lack of options (for now), it’s still a recognizable pick. As a fun fact, the first Starbucks to open in South America was in Lima.

Morgana Cafe Lounge

This small corner coffee shop is a contemporary Miraflores pick complete with chocolate brown leather couches and banana yellow and orange ottomans. Outdoor patio chairs and umbrellas add a touch of European flair and is a nice spot to chill on one of Lima’s not-so-chilly evenings. Our experience was generally satisfactory — A nice strong espresso (S/. 4) and amazing brownies topped generously with powdered sugar. Morgana, Calle General Suárez 205 Miraflores, 241-2649,

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Lani Conway

Lani is a San Francisco Bay Area-based writer and one time banana slug at the University of California Santa Cruz. She now writes articles and blogs about travel, music, world culture and everyday life. In her spare time she is happily listening to music, sipping on a warm café con leche or daydreaming about her next vacation.

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