A Saturday Night Out in Lima

Hi, this is Alfonso. I am a Spaniard and this is my first post to the Karikuy blog. I arrived in Lima on wednesday, and on saturday night the whole group went for a night out and about the capitol city of Perú.

It was extremely hard to separate ourselves from the adictive videogame that the team has apparently been playing through during the last weeks in their spare time: “Donkey Kong Country Returns” for the Wii videoconsole. The “temple of golden bananas” was luring us, but in the end we decided to give the real world a go and to leave the virtual behind.

Opening the golden temple of bananas
Screen at Karikuy

Our final destination was the Barranco district, which is close to the sea and quite far from where we dwell. Six of us stuffed into a taxi cab, two sitting behind where the luggage compartment should be. It took us over half an hour to get there, even when the driver was going fast.

Google Maps
Map of the Barranco district

In my humble opinion, traffic is one of the most dangerous things in the whole of Peru. It is the second time that I visit the country and every time I see how cars and “motocarros” drive: too fast, in poorly maintained vehicles, spending far too much fuel, and with little respect for other drivers and pedestrians. I feel like it is more likely to die here in a car crash than any other way. The actual statistics for road accidents are very high. Still, it was a relatively safe drive, and the man on the wheel played some good 80’s music on the CD which made our trip amusing.

We finally got to Barranco and hopped ourselves out of the car, after unfolding our limbs. Then got into a club named Ayahuasca which the team had already visited previously, and liked. It is named after an infamous psychoactive beverage that is brewed from a liana (woody vine) which grows in the rainforest. However, the club is not the place where one would encounter such stuff, but a range of expensive beers and cocktails instead. It is decorated with strange designs and patterns that make you freak out if you place your sights on them. The waiter service is not as good as the decoration, but we felt relaxed there while sipping our drinks. The food looks really good too.

Shake it, shake it

After that, we left for the “Bulevar” (Boulevard), which is a street closeby that goes from the park to the station. It is full of pubs, music and people going to and fro. After the request of a public relantionships, we entered one with reggaetón music playing in it, had some drinks and dances, and left later for home.

The trip back was similar, but the back of the car was filled with a strange metal deposit, probably for gasoline. Scary! Still, we all got home safe and still had some strength left for a couple more beers (we had to return the glasses for a couple sols refund) and walk around our neighbourhood, where Cumbia music was playing aloud from a party nearby.  The night ended at the hamburger man and his delicious goodies.

Of unknown age

Next day was sunday and we celebrated the birthday of Mrs. Juliana, so the party went on. Fortunately, at the beginning of the week, we dedicated ourselves to more healthy activities, such as playing basketball, that helped us recover from the fiesta.

Basketball in Planeta

Alfonso de la Fuente is a Volunteer and Researcher for the Karikuy Volunteer Program in Lima, Peru.



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