Who I am and First Impressions of Peru


I have just arrived in Lima to start working on this blog with Karikuy. I had a long flight before arrival and have felt jet lag more than usual. However, I am incredibly happy to be here and the colorful atmosphere I observed while driving from the airport only fueled my excitement and energy. Additionally, I have been looking through many wonderful Peru guide books* and have been completely blown away by the amount of travel options! Since I am new to this organization and blog, I believe a more formal introduction is due.

Even though I came here by spaceship, I actually was born in Colorado. I grew up in a small mountain town before I then moved to Denver, which is where I currently study intercultural communications and psychology. This year I am studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and decided during the summer break to do some travel, which is what brings me to Peru. After Peru, I plan to continue my travel through Bolivia and will work my way towards Iguazú where I will live for a few weeks with a Guarani community.

I decided to come to Peru because of its wealth of opportunity. Peru is a dream travel location because there are so many drastically different places geographically and culturally within such a limited space. Additionally, I heard it had good food (plenty reason in itself!). I hope during my time in Peru, I can work on my Spanish and break away from the Porteño (Buenos Aires) accent that I have become all too accustom to, while simultaneously thoroughly enjoying its insurmountable splendor.

My writing will be a recollection and analysis of experiences from which, I hope, you will gain insight for your own future travels in Peru and elsewhere. Travel allows one to experience a special unfolding of events that seems to gift opportunities for growth, for learning, and for fun! Enjoy and honor your travel experiences.
Buen Viaje!

*I have absolutely always loved travel books; and, I have to admit if you are looking for a book that provides you context and meaning for your travel, I do recommend Insight Guides Peru. Keep in mind, I would recommend you take either a Rough Guides or Lonely Planet guide book for the actual planning of your itinerary.

Daniel is a volunteer and researcher for the Karikuy Volunteer Program in Lima, Peru.


Daniel Micci is a student at the University of Denver majoring in Intercultural Communications and Psychology. He is currently spending a year studying abroad and traveling. His curiosity is the source of his energy and fuels his desire to explore and experience the world.

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