Don’t Forget to Bite Into a Cuy When You Are in Peru

Peruvian cuisine is one of the most sought after across restaurants in cities like London, Paris and New York. Peruvian cuisine is growing very popular all over the world and there is no better place than Peru to try some of its most well known delicacies. In fact, the Andean nation’s cuisine is so versatile that it could make many larger countries hang their heads in shame when it comes to showing off the variety in their respective cuisines.

When you actually visit Peru, what is the most ‘Peruvian’ dish of the all? It has to be the disquieting cuy, which is relished all over this Andean nation.

Cuy, or the guinea pig is cooked in a unique manner and is almost always presented without cutting off any body parts. That means, you will get to savor your cuy with its head, claws, teeth, skull, ear bones and everything that is gory. Those who have tried the cuy swear by its taste and sight. It is known to leave a sweet tasting flavor on your fingers once you are finished eating it, which makes it often difficult to lie to your date or lover that you did not eat elsewhere.

The guinea pig is roasted in its entirety and Peruvians crush open its skull and body to relish the unique brutality that this dish presents you with. Some may find it gross, and others may find it horrifying. However, a trip to Peru is never complete without biting into a full sized Cuy and taking pictures of it to brag to your friends later on.

Roast cuy is served with potatoes and Andean beer and if you are lucky you might be invited by friendly Peruvians to taste their own version of this Peruvian delicacy. The recipe for the perfect Roasted Cuy requires onions, garlic, cumin, white pepper, salt and a little water. You may choose to add a little coloring if you like your cuy bright and attractive.

Now, picturize your perfect Peruvian vacation: you are sipping an Andean beer and getting a little tipsy and when you want to bite into something, a delightful (disturbing?) cuy is served to you along with baked potatoes. This is one of those moments that need to be cherished when you visit Peru, along with the sights and sounds of Machu Picchu and Cusco.

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