Why Not Learn Spanish in Peru?

Spanish, which is one of the most important foreign languages one can learn today, is also the most commonly spoken language after English. It is spoken in almost all of Latin American, a few African nations and in the Philippines. Of course, it is the official language of Spain as well. It is no wonder then, that people often want to learn and experience Spanish culture in a country where it is natively spoken.

Peru is one of the best destinations to brush up your Spanish or even to begin learning afresh. Whether one is looking for a teaching job or a career in the U.N. translating documents of international importance, Spanish is the language of choice when it comes to learning a new foreign language. Its closest rivals in terms of number of students attempting to learn a language are French, English and other European languages.

Peru has a number of institutes that cater to the needs of foreigners who wish to learn Spanish and experience Peruvian culture. In fact, it is a good idea to take up a Spanish language class along with some volunteering. The combination can prove to be a valuable asset on one’s resume.

Peru’s language coaching centers are usually teeming with bilingual teachers who make an extra effort to get their students acquainted with Peruvian culture, quirks and sometimes even cuisine. It is not uncommon to hear of students who first tasted their guinea pig after it was brought to the class by an over-enthusiastic teacher. Certainly, Peru is a great place to begin learning Spanish or even master it, if you already know the language.

Image Source: Andean Travel Web

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