Rutas Program to Help Agrarian Communities Develop Tourism Skills

Rural community programs can be an advantage to countries that are looking at improving their tourism. Peru, which is already a huge tourist destination in the U.K. and North America, has begun to attract the very same travelers to rural communities that are not very well known. Apart from the more glamorous destinations like Cusco, Lima and others, there are several rural communities which have a charm of their own.

Rutas is a rural community tourism program which is intended to benefit some 660 families in 8 agrarian communities. The communities lie in Pisac, Lamay, Coya, Urubamba and Ollantaytambo districts.  Latin America development bank CAF supports the Rutas Program, which is intended to help underprivileged agrarian communities in Peru to benefit from tourism.

The potentials can be vast and there could be several novel ideas that can be spun together in order to attract people to these remote and less known locations. Some rural programs that may interest tourists could be sports, understanding a Peruvian way of life, sampling Peruvian cuisine, tasting rural wines, and of course, taking pictures that will last a lifetime. Rural Peru is as picturesque and beautiful as it can possibly get and it is one of the reasons why many tourists who have visited these areas choose to return.

The coming months will see renewed activities across these rural communities across Peru, and not only in Cusco region. The program will help agrarian societies to develop tourism skills which will enable them to cash in on using hospitality, restaurant, customer service and other sectors. Certainly, this is a community program that will help Peruvian communities in the long run.

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