Peru Excludes Amazon Region from Oil Concessions

Oil has made several countries very rich and Peru seems to be all set to become one of the oil rich countries. Peru has a significant reserve of oil and natural gas across its territory. Much of this can be found in ecological hotspots, especially in Peruvian Amazonia.

When Peru recently announced that it would open several new areas for drilling and exploration, environmentalists feared that Amazonia would be included in these regions. Thankfully, the government of Peru has excluded Amazonian locations. All the 9 concessions are along the Pacific coast. Oil companies like Perupetro have signed certain deals which binds them to consult with indigenous people prior to exploring or drilling anywhere.

This ensures that the indigenous people are not affected in any manner, and that their physical, cultural and geographical existence is protected and their quality of life is not harmed. This is a welcome move by oil companies. Companies in other countries where Amazon forest cover is found must follow these patterns as well, so that delicate ecosystems are not troubled or disturbed.

Oil and natural gas companies have had a rocky history in most Amazonian countries but all that might change if they begin to consider the impact that insensitive drilling and exploration can have on indigenous people and fragile ecosystems. Instead, if they work in tandem with the local populace and respect eco-diversity, countries like Peru can increase their GDP without having to worry about environmental degradation. Certainly, Peruvian oil ventures seem to be going in the right direction.

Via: Guardian

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