Middle Eastern Airlines Flock to Peru

While Peru has recently become one of the hottest tourist destinations, it still isn’t very popular in affluent Middle East, a major source of tourists. Middle Eastern travellers contribute to a lot of tourism revenue in countries like France, Italy and U.K. Peru only seems to be catching up, that too, quite quickly.

Many Middle Eastern airlines have planned to fly to Peru thanks to the country’s tourism potential and strategic location. While airlines such as Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and Etihad Airways will soon begin to start flying to Peru, it is not only to ferry tourists from the Arab states. It will also serve the purpose of turning Peru into an aviation hub in Latin America.

Located in the middle of the content, travellers arriving from Europe, Middle East and Africa will be able to use Lima as their base for exploring the rest of South America. While Peru has a lot to offer itself, it will not hurt its economy if it becomes a regional aviation hub. Turkey recently signed a mutual visa waiver agreement with Peru, which enables Turkish people to travel to Peru without needing to produce a visa.

Being one of the world’s largest sources of tourists, Peru attracts only 5,000 of Turkish tourists. Even if it manages to grab just one percent of Turkish tourists, Peru will receive 70,000 Turks a year. The airlines are only helping this to multiply. Lima and other Peruvian cities may soon see a number of Middle Eastern tourists, which will help the country to boost its economy further.

Image Source: South American Postcard

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