Peru Mucho Gusto Food Festival in Tacna to Attract 35,000 Visitors

Peruvian cuisine is legendary and to that effect, there are many people who visit the country just to taste its varied delicacies. Peruvian cuisine has been made famous by its alcoholic drinks, the famous guinea pig, potato and barley recipes and a host of desserts that can only be experienced. Peruvian cuisine has been made famous by an increasing number of restaurants in London and other international cities where it is becoming increasingly easy to find restaurants from this Andean country.

The country’s cuisine is influenced by the varied geographical conditions like coastal regions, desert regions, mountainous regions and the ever present Amazonian jungles. This varied topography has resulted in diverse flora and fauna, which helps Peruvian chefs to not only bring traditional cuisine to the world, but also create new recipes using indigenous meats and plants. With that in mind, 35,000 people are expected to attend the Peru Mucho Gusto food festival in Tacna, north of Peru.

The festival will be held between the 31st of May and 2nd of June. It will offer dishes from Cusco, Madre de Dios, Tacna, Ica, Apurimac, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Moquegua and Puno. Totally, 9 different regions shall be featured at the festival and food connoisseurs will have a difficult time trying to choose between all the mouth watering delicacies.

The idea is not only to promote the cuisine from these 9 regions but also promote handicrafts and tourism. About 15,000 domestic tourists are expected to attend the Peru Mucho Gusto festival. Those who are food of Peru’s cuisine will find this festival to be the most authentic place to try Peruvian cuisine.

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