400 Year Old Spanish Warships Discovered Off the Coast of Peru

Peru is one of the most archaeologically rich countries in the world today. Being a former Spanish colony, Peru was also the site of many battles that were fought on the land and on the sea. Consequently, many ships that sailed to Peru either drowned or were drowned by enemies. The coastline of Peru may be hiding a number of shipwrecks in the pristine Pacific waters.

Two 400 year old ships that sank after being attacked by the Dutch and pirates will now be raised by a team of researchers. The Santa Ana and the San Francisco ships were detected by metal detectors and magnetometers. The ships are expected to be lying under the waters some 150 kilometers south of Lima, the capital of Peru. Jorge Ortiz, investigator and historian dismissed hopes that vast amounts of gold and silver will be found in the ship wrecks.

He insisted that the ships may not hold any treasures but will certainly hold a lot of cultural and artistic value. The shipwrecks are expected to provide historians with deep clues about how maritime life was some 400 years ago. The investigations are being sponsored by the culture ministry of Peru and the National Geographic Society.

The ships carried more than 300 men and was sunk in 1615 during the Eighty Years’ War between the Dutch and the Spanish. Dutch naval officer and pirate Joris Van Spilbergen attacked the ships and later moved on to attack ships in Mexico and the Philippines. Certainly, the ships hold dark secrets which are yet to be discovered.

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