Peru and Columbia to Work Together for Development


Photo and caption by Sonia Molina

One of the highlights of foreign policy is to foster successful co-op programs between countries. Peru, which shares its borders with Columbia in the North, had little to boast about such co-op programs. The next couple of weeks may see an increased activity in terms of developing programs that would tackle issues affecting both the countries.

Peru and Columbia face problems related to deforestation, drug-related offences, unemployment, environmental issues and untapped tourism potentials. If the two countries choose to work together and help co-ops to come together, the consequences can be more than just positive. Co-operative organizations that help to build developmental programs will help both the countries. These programs may include but not be limited to mining, tourism, protecting the environment and even education.

Peru and Columbia have the advantage of speaking Spanish and the common thread will help both the countries to tap tourism potentials going forward. The idea is to ensure that sexual and gender based violence can be reduced in the future as well, along with the problems listed above. Pitting groups of people together will help both the countries to discover commonalities that can later be used to tap tourism potential.

Violence in Columbia has been an increasing source of strife, which is what keeps a lot of tourists away. However, Peru does not have a lot of violence like its neighbor sees more number of international tourists. Certainly, both the nations can learn from each others’ experiences.

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