Tacna: A Travel Destination Waiting to Be Explored

One of the lesser known regions in Peru is Tacna. Tacna is the southern-most department of Peru and borders Chile. It is known for its mild desert climate and varied monuments strewn all across. The city of Tacna, which is the capital of the department has several national monuments dedicated to soldiers and martyrs. It is a commercial city that has a lot to offer for tourists.

While most tourists stay in and around Lima, Cusco and other tourist hotspots, Tacna is an alternative destination that will surely attract the ones who like to explore offbeat destinations. The best time to visit Tacna is during August, when the Semana de Tacna, or Tacna Week, runs from the 25th of August to the 30th. The patriotic festival has a number of events which can be of interest to the discerning traveler.

The Tacna Armas Square in San Martin district of the city is home to a number of monuments, historical buildings and a public space that is littered with interesting places to visit and watch. The strong Catholic culture of the region can be experienced during Church festivities and local fetes.

Certainly, Tacna is one of the lesser known destinations in Peru but it deserves the attention of those who like to experience the new and unexplored. When you visit Peru, make sure that you explore the lesser known destinations as well. They hold multitudes of tourist treasures that are waiting to be explored.

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