Peru’s Postal Department Begins to Stop Smuggling of Artefacts


Peru, like other countries that are rich in culture and heritage is no stranger to smuggling of priceless artefacts. Priceless sculptures, art, souvenirs and even mummies are smuggled out to be sold to collectors at exorbitant prices. In fact, a lot of artefacts that can prove to be great museum pieces which can be displayed for tourists and history enthusiasts get sold for millions in the international marketplace where private collectors pay bounties for them.

In order to stop the unprecedented growth of smuggling, Peru’s Ministry of Culture is working closely with the postal department. Art historians and archaeologists work closely with the postal department to recognize mummies, paintings and original statues that are part of the national heritage.

No matter how small the artefact may be, the department ensures it is not transported abroad and sold. The New York Times ran a story a couple of days ago that described the plight of Peruvian artefacts and the valiant people who have been working to safeguard these priceless artefacts.

Peru has a surprising number of mummies, statues and artefacts dating back to the Inca period and also artefacts from the Spanish colonial period. These priceless artefacts deserve to be displayed in the public museums of Peruvian cities and towns, instead of being sold for a bounty to international private collectors.

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