Peruvian Athlete Orlando Trejo to Represent Latin America in Miami

CrossFit, which is already famous for its endurance championships, will see Peruvian champ Orlando Trejo representing Latin America in Miami. He won the Latin American title for the second consecutive year and he has done a lot to promote the CrossFit way of staying healthy. At just 25, he has already represented Peru in Ecuador and is a known for being vocal about his admiration for CrossFit.

He claims, the training program has helped him to become a different person, a person who is healthy, stable and has an amazing amount of endurance. He rues the fact that Peru is all about soccer and other games are ignored,. However, with Orlando Trejo bringing home many awards and recognition, we should not be surprised if he manages to get those soccer fans in Peru to train and start endurance programs as well. CrossFit helps athletes to train at different levels and intensities.

It helps athletes to be all-rounders and gain strength, endurance and fitness. The sport is already famous across South America and Trejo has worked hard to popularize it in Peru. It should not come to tourists as a surprise that Peru already boasts of some of the best facilities for sport lovers and athletes.

If you are a tourist who is interested in sports, Peru provides a variety of opportunities to hone your existing athletic skills or just try a new sport. It is always fun to take coaching classes in an exotic country and if sports coaching gets you to Peru, there is no better way to experience this Latin American country.

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