Ancient Pyramid Bulldozed Near Lima

If you are concerned with archaeological treasures around the world, this piece of news will not cheer you up today. Authorities in Peru disclosed that an ancient pyramid has just been destroyed near Lima, the capital.

Two real estate companies have been blamed for the incident and the authorities will press criminal charges against them. The structure measured 20 feet in height and was one of the 12 pyramids in the El Paraiso complex.

The pyramid was at least 4,000 years old. The pyramid complex belongs to the Late Preceramic period and was probably built somewhere between 3500 BC and 1800 BC. Now, that is older than many monuments and archaeological sites in the Near East and Europe. The pyramid complex was used by Pre-Inca communities as a religious and administrative hotspot.

Even as onlookers watched aghast, company workers used heavy machinery to mow down the ancient pyramids. They were stopped from mowing down the rest of the pyramids just in time. The director of an excavation project at El Paraiso, Mr. Marco Guilen understandably sounded upset, as he said that the loss of the pyramid was an irreparable damage to Peruvian history.

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