1200 Year Old Temple of the Dead Found in Northern Peru

Wari was an ancient civilization that bloomed between 700 and 1000 A.D. The ancient civilization has left behind traces of its exotic culture all around Peru, and the latest find is the first unlooted tomb of its kind, which was discovered in Northern Peru. The imperial tomb is part of a 1200 “temple of the dead”, which is filled with gold and silver artifacts.

Milosz Giersz, an archaeologist from the University of Warsaw in Poland kept quiet about his find and continued to dig until the complex was secured. The tomb belongs to 3 Wari queens and 60 other individuals, who probably were sacrificed to appease the spirits.

Sophisticated gold and silver jewelry, tools, axes and other priceless artifacts were found within the tomb. Giersz and his partner Roberto Pimentel Nita kept their discovery a secret because they did not want looters to find out about the treasures which they uncovered.

Thankfully, now all of these artifacts will probably find a place in a museum or the entire complex will be turned into a heavily fortified archaeological complex. Meanwhile, Wari empire is one of the most overlooked and under-studied civilizations in Peru. They were overshadowed by the Incas, though Wari certainly were very interesting themselves.

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