Discover Peru by Driving along the Scenic Interoceanic Highway

When I read the Wall Street Journal article about the Interoceanic Highway in Peru, I immediately wanted to pack my bags and leave to this Andean paradise. The road stretches across 1500 miles and one can drive through Andean highlands, Amazonian jungles and cold deserts.

The road was completed in July 2011 and the discerning traveler to Peru can certainly try and discover the country better when he or she drives along this stretch of the highway.

Driving on important highways is one of the best ways of discovering a country and if you visit Peru to learn more about its heart and soul than the tourist spots that everyone visits, this has to be the only option for you. Renting cars in Peru is not a tough job and one can easily find a good deal if one has an international driving license.

For many decades, politicians have discussed stretching this road all across Brazil, allowing motorists to drive from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast. Now that is one of the epic journeys that everyone has to make. Though that route is not built yet, the existing Interoceanic Highway is a great option to discover Peru.

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