Mini Helicopters to Observe and Protect Peruvian Archaeological Sites

This is what the government should have thought of a long time ago. Finally, archaeologists in Peru will no longer have to sit on top of ladders and observe archaeological sites. Mini-helicopters will buzz atop these prized spots and make sure that none of them are tampered with.

The idea is to protect, observe and photograph ruins. The Harvard University and the Catholic University of Peru have partnered to create these prototypes that will constantly monitor areas where archaeologists previously used to spend their time instead of doing something more constructive.

Agriculture and real estate development has put many of Peru’s archaeological sites at risk and by ensuring that Peru gets these mini-helicopters to observe and protect these very same sites, the authorities are finally stepping up. If only more money is spent to preserve and protect Peru’s priceless treasures, tourism can be improved exponentially.

It is not clear how much money the authorities will have to spend on the project but no matter what the amount is, it is certainly worth paying the price to protect the archaeological treasures. Certainly, we don’t want developers building flats and condominiums on top of Inca ruins, do we?

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