Relish the Savory Delight of Mazamorra Morada

Pass by the Alemeda Chabuca Granda in Lima, a street full of food vendors on a sunny afternoon and you will be awestruck by a purple colored Peruvian dish. The mere look of it takes your breath away. Mazamorra morada is a traditional dessert of Peru, made from purple corn and is prepared especially in October during celebrations for the Lord of Miracles. Mazamorra morada is actually of pre-Hispanic origin which literally means purple porridge.

It is interesting to know about the origin of mazamorra morada, a sweet dish evolved by cultural exchange between Incas and other cultures of Europe. It is worth knowing that in the pre-Columbian Peru, the culinary habits did not include the use of sugar, as it was unknown to the inhabitants of South America. It was with the arrival of Spanish in Peru that this delicious dessert took a new form by mixing native products such as purple corn and sweet potato flour, sugar and a variety of dried fruits such as prunes, apricots, apple and quince, brought from Spain.

Today mazamorra morada has become one of the most representative and delicious desserts of the Peruvian culture. It is boiled with cloves, cinnamon and pineapple and added with starch and dried fruits as I mentioned above. Purple corn is typically grown in South American countries of the Andes region. Its antioxidant properties help in good circulation of blood, controls diabetes & obesity, promotes regeneration of connective tissue and prevents the development of colon cancer.

It is widely consumed across Peru and there are many kiosks selling mazamorra morada. Other traditional desserts are also served along it like rice pudding, rice zambito, pumpkin porridge. A combination of mazamorra morada and rice pudding, known as clasico is quite popular as well.

Have you tried any interesting dessert like this before?

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