Smack Your Lips By Gorging On a Butifarra

The architectural excellence of Lima pulls you back to the capital city again especially to admire its Plaza de Armas, the central part of the city. But this time, its scrumptious sandwiches and sausages adds a taste to your trip. The most exquisite and popular sandwich is “Butifarra”, a specialty typically made in Peru. Though its literal meaning is sausage, but over time it has evolved as a sandwich.

The history of the sandwiches in Peru begins with a sausage sold in bullfighting, and chinganas streets, accompanied by olives, cheese, but they were adapted to suit the ingredients available today.  Another curious fact is that this sandwich has a political past as well.  Manuel Muñoz Najar (Peru’s first civilian president) became famous to buy votes by offering ‘pisco and sausage’ to its citizens during the 1872 presidential election. I wonder if this strategy works now.

With just over four thousand sangucherias (the places where butifarra sandwiches are sold day and night) only in Lima, it is clear that Butifarra is one of the most celebrated cuisine everyone talks about.

Although wheat formed the main ingredient of the sandwich base, it is widely available with multi-grain base as well. On a trip to Miraflores district in Lima, one can find this great café to relax after visiting the beautiful gardens around. San Antonio café in San Isidro offers a huge variety of specialty sandwiches. Choose to pick up its Butifarra San Antonio which was filled with thin layers of country ham and seasoned with creole sauce, iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise. Country ham or jamón del país as it is called, is a roasted delicacy typically made from pork leg or pork loin and mixed with garlic, pepper, achiote, cumin, dry oregano and lard.

Do try a butifarra on your next trip. Please leave your comments here.

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