Marinera: You Just Can’t Dance Enough in Peru

The rhythmic ride in Lima compels you to be a part of the national dance of Peru, Marinera Nortena. The vigor of the graceful, free and spontaneous moves of the dance is followed by clapping. The dancing is an inherited part of Peruvian culture to such an extent that almost every Peruvian can dance or sing or at least play a music instrument.

Be receptive to the dance steps as it is going to follow you everywhere in Peru with its over 200 highland dance forms recorded across various villages. The thematic dance forms are based on agriculture, war and hunting.

Huaylas is a lively and cheerful dance from the Central Sierra Mantaro Valley of Peru. The traditional festivities of the Andean towns are inundated with this typical dance form. If you happen to go to Lima, do not miss the competitions of this dance form and be a part of the jaw-dropping performances. Huaylinos take pride in their dance form which evolved after their clash in battle with the Incan empire resulting in their victory.

That’s amazing to see, how an ancient war influences the culture of the inhabitants which is preserved till date. One is lucky enough to attend a day of the festival which is held annually from July 6-8. Sea of fireworks left a cascading effect all over the capital city of Lima thronged with tourists. One would be thrilled to see Spanish sailboats dragged around with playful tunes filling the air with music.

Do you know more about the Peruvian dances? Share your experience here.

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