Huacachina: The Fantasy Lagoon in Peru

Huacachina,  one of the few natural oases of the Americas is located in southern Peru. It is famous for its emerald green water shining like a mole in the sand dunes. The fantasy lagoon of Huacachina is located just 5 kilometers west to the city of Ica. It is surrounded with abundant vegetation composed of palms, eucalyptus and typical guarango treescommonly used as a resting place by the migratory birds passing through the region.

It is a great place not only for the ones who seek leisure in the picturesque oasis to befriend serenity but equally good for the die-hard sporty people.. In my opinion, this is one of the few places that are uniquely exotic to let loose your inhibitions.

Tourists from across the world visit Huacachina and explore its beautiful sand dunes and engage in activities like sandboarding, trekking, horseback riding, camping. The most popular and safe among all is the tubular buggy, which roams over the dunes like a roller coaster feeding the excitement of its passengers. You can even hire paddle boats to row across the lagoon.  Sandboarding championships are held in Huacachina every year and you get to see amazing stunts by snowboarders participating from all over the world. Besides this, you are free to toss a frisbee, bask in the sun and harvest dates from the palms.

There are plenty of resorts and bars to relax in the lagoon. While you are at it, make sure that you gulp down the famous national cocktail of Peru, Pisco sour in the bars overlooking the giant dunes. Pollo-Saltado, a sumptuous dish with bits of chicken, pepper and onions is another specialty to devour.

Located in the desert region, it has a hot and a sunny weather throughout the year marked by a gentle breeze. Don’t forget to say ‘Adios’ to the setting sun that soaks your soul with nostalgia and do let us know your experiences in the comments section below once you hit this spot.




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