The Moche Art and Culture of the Ancient Peru

If you’re keen to know about ancient work of art and the rich culture of Peruvians, go beyond the peaks of Machu Pichu to get acquainted with the ingenious Moche civilization centered in the Northern Peru. It is a classic example of perfectionism in the pre-Hispanic architecture.

These little known Peruvians were masters of metal-working and irrigation who never achieved an excellence in written language. Finely crafted precious metals and exceptional pottery made a complex and fascinating communication medium. The irrigation network system was so robust that in the absence of rains the fields were green with crops like corn, beans, avocados, squash and peanuts. Moche potters were remarkably skilled at rendering facial features.

It is amazing to see a strange Moche figurine known as Crab deity with arms and legs of crab representing Moche’s God of decapitation. It seems to have a strong religious significance for human sacrifice. No wonder, Moches believed in blood thirst and wars but their society evolved around the idea of ensuring safety for its people and appeasing the God. The large truncated pyramids known as “Huacas” are the most noticeable remains of Moche civilization. Huaca del Sol also known as the Pyramid of the Sun, was one of the largest piece of architecture in its time and it sprawls over 12.5 acres of land which is as large as the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt.

The exceptional skill levels acquired by the workers reflected a hierarchy of power and authority to rule and develop the civilization. The system of redistribution of food and raw materials enforced by the state indicated a great concern for its people.

Some other exquisite sites to visit and experience the brilliance of the Moche civilization are Lambayeque for its stupendous museums and Sipan, famous for the Lord of Sipan. If you have already been to some of these places, do share your experience with us below.

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