The Mysterious and Long Lasting Nazca Lines of Peru

Across the world, you find conspicuous geoglyphs engraved on the surface of the earth, but one cannot resist oneself going to Peru to see the most talked about Nazca lines. Well, the great Nazca lines located in Pampas de Jumana in Peru are the world’s most famous geoglyphs which have invited huge speculation among the historians and archeologists. These lines depict gigantic pictograms ranging from animals, insects, birds to various geometrical drawings including triangles, rectangles, trapeziums spread across 450 square kilometers of land. Till date, there is no single theory which completely justifies the purpose of these lines. Most of these geoglyphs were created somewhere between 500 BC and 500 AD.

It really amazes me to discover how these lines were formed. The Nazcas employed a simple technique of etching the dark upper layer of sand and red pebbles to reveal a light-colored layer beneath it giving a spectacular aerial view. I wonder why anyone would create such an art form without being able to enjoy its visual appeal which clearly hints at the presence of some kind of aircraft in the era.

Some people believe it to be made for God to listen to their prayers and many others believe it to be made to communicate with extra-terrestrials.  Another interesting think to note is that similar art forms reflect on the artifacts and potteries of that time. It strongly reflects the cultural significance the designs had in the daily lives of the residing civilization who must have shared a robust bond.

Maria Reiche, originally a German mathematician was the first person to identify a creature in 1946 which turned out to be a gigantic spider. Later, different creatures including new world monkey, sharks, fish, deformed human figures etc have been discovered.

The sad part of the story is the centuries-old preserved art forms, recognized as the world heritage site by UNESCO in 1994 is getting affected by the squatters and rising tourist activity in the area but I am glad that Peru government is tightening its claws around the offenders. Did you ever encounter the Nazca lines? Share your comments below.

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