Government Announces Huge Health Sector Reforms in Peru


Peruvians are finally witnessing historic reform measures in the health sector. Primarily, the measures developed are aimed at improving the health status of the population, recognizing health as a fundamental right of every citizen and State guarantee for the protection of health, without any discrimination, to all persons at all stages of life.  The government has even developed a web portal on the reform process, which is hosted on MoH detailing the various actions that have been developed since January 2013.

Pictured above is Daniel Alcides Carrión García, who inspired the formation of Ministry of Health in Peru.

The comprehensive reforms of public health would consist of the reorganization of the health sector and public agencies, the modernization of the national health system, the modernization of the management of public investments in the sector. Apart from this, comprehensive remuneration policy, the extent of financial coverage towards universal health access services and strengthening the SIS and Essalud financing would also be included.

As per the experts, the key issue in the health system is the division between the MoH, Essalud and other health delivery mechanisms making the system inefficient. Therefore, it is vital to integrate all health systems in the country. It is high time that the government address the problems faced by physicians, medical technologists and other health professionals especially salary hike issues besides fulfilling the gap in infrastructure and equipment.

Moreover, Project Hope has given free treatment to more than 18 000 patients suffering from some form of cancer. The government even announced that they are working on a process to pay bonuses for those who go to work in provinces and border areas, in order to compensate for their extra effort. The proposal for digitalization of medical records to implement an efficient and effective care system is another giant leap taken by the health ministry.

According to the President Humala social inclusion forms a fundamental means to ensure inclusive growth and development. I am sure, Peruvians would welcome more such reformative measures including decline in drug prices and cancer prevention initiatives.

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