Growing Export Potential for Peruvian Avocados

It is time to rejoice for Peruvian avocados producers as they have started exporting their fresh produce to the United States and Europe this season as well. The cultivation of avocados is constantly growing and is at a very nascent stage because new farm fields are entering into production. In Peru 10,000 hectares is devoted exclusively to the production of Hass avocados and another 2,000 new hectares were added this year.

Despite the enormous potential which it holds, there are certain challenges faced by Hass avocados that need to be addressed soon. The demand for the fruit is limited in the domestic market due to lack of awareness and ignorance of the fruit among the Peruvians and still 98% of people consume the Fuerte variety. Experts feel it can be overcome by promoting the fruit and its various health benefits following the lines of Chilean promoters.

On the other hand, Peruvian avocados are leaving a mark in the U.S. market where it seeks a presence until September and Peru Avocado Commission continues to promote the fruit through its marketing campaign “Monumental Taste”. Precisely, marketing effort is designed to raise consumer awareness and support purchase of retail products through mobile billboards near retail outlets, radio advertising, as well as posters and in-store tastings.

Coincidently, Mexico had ample supply going to the USA, which has diverted much of the Peruvian supply to Europe. However, around the same time when Peru came to the European market, there was still Spanish fruit available and in the same period, South Africa and Kenya were also present in the market. Peru has the largest volume of all to sell so the prices almost halved.

Such issues can be overcome by entering new markets and aggressive promotion of the fruit. It is good to hear that they have plans to enter China and Japan soon.  Moreover, Peruvian exporters are all set to enter Chilean market this year without quarantine treatment where consumption of Hass avocado is growing exponentially.

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