Peru Makes a Perfect Destination for Bullfighters from Spain

It’s a well known fact that bullfighting or tauromachia has always been a pride of Spain but the current financial crisis has taken a toll on the game. In addition, the issue has been compounded by the rising ethical opposition to the bloody sports. The situation is so dismal that the number of matadors is increasing while the bullfights are decreasing and most of them are struggling to find work.

Even the famous bullfighting school in the region of Murcia in Spain has discontinued its services due to lack of financial resources. To revive the losing sports, the New Bullfighting Affairs Committee has been formed to draft the future development and protection of bullfighting in Spain. However, matadors are fleeing to Latin America especially to Peru where the Spanish tradition is as alive as ever.

Among this entire muddle, Peru provides a safe haven for most of the accomplished bullfighters unlike many other countries. You’ve got to pay to fight if you are a beginner in Mexico. In Columbia and Venezuela, apart from bullfights in big festivals, there are few events otherwise. In Ecuador and Portugal, its’ prohibited to kill the bull. On the contrary, Peru hosts around 540 bullfights a year which is way more than any other Latin American country.

Currently, there are 59 European bullfighters active in Peru according to a leading bullfighting guide in Peru. It is interesting to note that while star matadors in Spain could charge around $200,000 for a single performance, novices don’t earn more than $800 a fight in Spain. On the other hand, in rural Peru, the European migrants and novices get paid around $1500 for a single fight and normally three matadors participate in each bullfighting event.

Image: Xinhua

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