Regional People Join Hands to Save Their Native Language

Peru is known for its variety of dialects but unfortunately most of the languages have lost their significance over time. Though the Peruvian government has hardly made any effort to revive the beautiful language of the Loreto region, a cheerful video song “Kumbarikira” made by the contribution of natives, NGO “Create Your Voice” and Radio “Ucamara” in Nauta, Loreta is grabbing eyeballs across the world. As per the language experts, Kukamiria Kukama language has been on the verge of extinction and this video has been created to save the local language of the region. Please click here to see the video.

The video song depicts eight native children and some elderly people singing and dancing in the song.  The lyrics of the song talk about education, aspirations and the pleasure of talking and thinking about their own native language.  The musical project aims to support the work of the Ikuari School which reports and cultivates kukama language for the inhabitants of Nauta town with a focus on developing a cultural center. Moreover, it will create awareness about the existence of the obscure language.

As of 2000, around 20,000 Kukama people were estimated to be living near the river basin in Peru, Colombia and Brazil. I must say, it’s definitely the best musical composition made for a good cause and I hope such efforts are replicated for various other regional languages existing in the Peruvian Amazon to protect the cultural heritage of the region.

In the past, many people have been afraid to speak in their traditional language owing to ignorance by the people and institutions which led to discontinuance of its use. Historically, this has often happened because of government harassment of minority groups.  Sadly, the death of a language means an entire community losing its culture. But the good news is that this video hopes to add a sense of pride, value and empowerment among the native people.

Image: Peru This Week

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