Sri Lanka and Peru Join Hands in Improving Trade Relations

Trade relations between Peru and Sri Lanka are going to witness a huge improvement after the diplomats from both the countries agreed to enhance commercial relations. Mr. Raja Edirisuriya, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Peru, and Mr. Claudio De La Puente, Peru’s Director General for the Americas, are striving to improve the trade relations between the two countries and accelerate the economic growth.

Mr. Edirisuriya invited Peru officials to visit the Commonwealth Business Forum which is scheduled to be held from 12th November to 14th November 2013 in Sri Lanka, as a reciprocal gesture to which, Mr. La Puente invited the trade delegation from Sri Lanka to visit Peru and pioneer the business opportunities.

Mr. Edirisuriya, who has been recently appointed as the ambassador of Sri Lanka is making promising efforts to improve the trade relations with other countries. Peru plays an important role at the United Nations Human Rights Council, which is another reason that prompted the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to seek support from Peru. He discussed the post war scenario in Sri Lanka especially the redevelopment of ruined areas and rehabilitation of the military police and requested Peru to extend support.

This step can be considered a new and a promising stage in the improving bilateral commercial relations between the two countries as the Commonwealth Business Forum serves as a great platform for business organizations from various industries to interact with each other and explore uncharted avenues of economic growth.

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