Frequent Tremors in Peru Call for Attention

It is like Peru is contesting to be the city with the maximum number of earthquakes registered. According to the Geophysical Institute of Peru, this country was hit by a whooping 130 earthquakes in the first seven of months of this year. Now that is some serious record to be contested against!

Since January 2013 the country has been experiencing numerous earthquakes of varying intensities, in April, 20 earthquakes were recorded and in July the number shot up to 30. Could it mean that Peru is turning into a place with the maximum seismic activity, or it might have already turned into one! According to Mr. Hernan Tavera, director of seismology, many earthquakes with small magnitude go unnoticed and if they were to consider each and every earthquake then a minimum of 200 earthquakes can be easily recorded in a year!

Geophysical Institute of Peru has been working for the past two years to mark the seismic zones in the districts of Callao and Lima; these seismic zone maps will also cover prominent cities like Barranca, Huaco, Chimbote and Huarmey. Mr. Tavera firmly believes that understanding the seismic zones will help them to prevent any serious damages caused by earthquakes and can save myriads of lives.

The information gathered from the seismic zone maps can also be extremely helpful in planning and developing urban areas which are close to the areas with maximum seismic activity. It seems that this issue is seriously being looked into and the Peruvian scientists will leave no stone unturned to save the lives of their countrymen.

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