Why You Should Learn More about Moche

A visit to Peru is incomplete without visiting Moche, the capital city of Trujillo province which stands as a living legacy of the Moche civilization. Pottery, ceramics and murals which are quintessential of ancient Peruvian culture have been safely preserved in this city and work wonders to attract tourists. Besides these artifacts the local festivals like bullfighting and San Jose festival garner phenomenal tourist attention

Mochica culture has always captured everyone’s fancy, it is this civilization on the northern coast of Peru that later gave birth to the Chimu and the Incas. Most of the artefacts which are this culture’s remnants have been preserved in Moche, some of them may raise eyebrows as they are explicitly sexual and morbid but have great aesthetic value. Few risqué ceramics may even leave you gobsmacked; don’t complain that we didn’t warn you!

Besides pottery and paintings another major attractions are Huacas del Sol (Temple of the sun) and Huacas de la Luna (Temple of the moon). Rumor has it that these ancient temples were used to offer human sacrifices. The grisly tales are not only limited to that, it is believed that the captives from a war were forced to drink a hallucinogen concocted from the sap of cactus and when their sobriety was considerably objectionable their throats were slit to collect blood, which was later used in religious rituals. Nevertheless, such sordid stories have worked significantly to put these temples on the map as famous tourist destinations in Peru.

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