Peru Beckons Spanish Matadors

Peru is turning into a new fortune destination for matadors as the economic crisis along with ethical protests continue to gain momentum in Europe. Bullfighting used to be a prominent sport in Spain and its neighboring countries, but of late this sport has invited a lot of criticism on ethical grounds, which along with few other economic factors has resulted in a declining fan following of this bloody sport.

The steep decline can be noticed from the number of fights conducted last year which totalled to 1,997, this number is close to the half of what it was in 2008. Bullfighters are struggling to even earn a decent living and turning to Peru seems like the only viable option for them where this sport is still celebrated with sky-high spirits.

Matadors who have moved to Peru to earn a decent living are not disappointed by the payback of their decision. Back in Europe, star matadors can easily earn charge anything to the tune of 150,000 Euros for one performance and the number of performances depends on the season. In Peru the pay may not as good as it is in Spain, but it is better to have a job with less pay than having no job especially in this dwindling economy.

The life of a bullfighter is no different from what you get to see inside the ring, it is full of fierce battles.  As if the constant pressure of winning and enduring the constant jeering of the audience wasn’t enough, now they have to deal with economic crisis single handedly.  From what it seems, it is a tough life for matadors.

Bullfighting has raised a lot of eyebrows and is deemed unethical by many of us, but there are many who choose the adrenalin rush over basic human ethics.

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