Peru’s Culture Seen through An Exhibition


Peru has ingrained in itself a rich treasure of history that holds key to the answers regarding many unsolved mysteries of civilizations across the globe. It has revealed a lot of treasures from archaeological sites recently excavated. These treasures in its bosom have created a fresh perspective among archaeologists that it is one of the six global regions where civilizations developed. The other five regions include Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece and Mexico.

The pyramids and plazas at Caral which is just 125 miles north of the present Peruvian capital, Lima, have many artifacts unearthed from them. These artifacts tell a story about the oldest urban settlement in the Americas. The pyramids date back to 3,000 years down the line.

An impressive carved animal stone head from the Chavin civilization (900-200 B.C.) is excavated from these pyramids. A lot of other enshrined artifacts include a ceramic bottle called the aryballos by the Incans. This ceramic bottle shows the workmanship of the artisans. It depicts a deity known as ‘Wrinkled Face’ by these ancient people.

A lot of gold and silver artifacts too adorn the Seattle Art Museum that marks the conquest of Peru by the Spanish. These artifacts have entombed in them the splendor and the opulence of the Royal households pertaining to this era.

Another photography exhibit covers modern history of the Peruvians dating back to the Spanish conquest. These depict a post-colonial Peru. Peruvian Martin Chambi, German ethnographer Hans H. Bruning and American Irving Penn contribute to the rich history of this country.

All these artifacts that include ornaments, ceramic bottles, paintings and photographs are a feast to the traveler’s eye. This irresistible display of the rich Peruvian culture cannot be struck out from his schedule. The Seattle Art Museum is surely a connoisseur’s delight and has over 300 artifacts. The show is scheduled to begin from January 5, 2014.

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