Peru Fights Illegal Dolphin Fishing

Peru is known for its exotic native cuisine that is which sometimes includes, disturbingly dolphin meat. The dolphins were indiscriminately fished to be sold in restaurants, until a law was passed in effect to prohibit their fishing in 1997.  Today, dolphin fishing is illegal in Peru.

But, this does not deter a band of ruthless fishermen sailing off from Peru’s long coastline to try their hand at this unlawful act of fishing. These defiant groups of fishermen were filmed off the coast of Peru, clubbing the dolphins to death and using a variety of horrific tactics to kill them and later use them as shark bait.

These dolphins were killed by harpooning and some of the killings seem too grotesque even to be written. This is done because dolphins are a cheaper alternative to other bait and can thereby result in producing a huge amount of meat.

A threesome team comprising of Peruvian NGO Mundo Azul, US NGO Blue Voice and the UK-based Ecostorm Agency have reported that Peruvian long-line fishing fleets account for nearly 15,000 fishing deaths in a year alone. This is the very story Stefan Austermuhle conveys in a horrific video that captures the incriminating act mentioned above, never captured on tape before.

Peruvian fishermen should abstain from this killing as it poses a direct threat to the ecosystem in the seas, pushing the dolphins to the brink of extinction. The law annulled way back in 1997 upholds this very fact and should be enforced to bring about a balance in the ecosystem, considering at least the future generations of Peru. Moreover, adhering strictly to the laws against fishing dolphins will portray a positive image of Peru and will increase tourist footfalls.

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