Corruption Helps Illegal Logging to Boom in Peru

The New York Times recently reported that corruption is a huge problem in Peru, which is helping illegal logging to take place at an alarming rate. Like most mid-income countries, bureaucracy plays an important role in the way things work in Peru and that is not always a good sign. It creates a lot of loopholes through which people with vested interests can create a corrupt system.

The reality in Peru is that it is always easy to get by if one knows people and if one has the money to pay off. The increasingly criminal nature of illegal loggers has often troubled government officials, tribal folks and peasants who face not only poverty but also increasingly violent means to get to those pieces of wood. Rainforests in Peru are decreasing at an alarming rate and one of the ways to curb this is through strong legislature and executing those laws.

While there are well-meaning laws in place, they are very rarely enforced thanks to the culture of bribery which has often existed for decades in countries like Peru. Peru faces modernization, a global economy and also a increasingly corrupt system that is not very co-operative to the needs and wishes of the environmental lobby.

More than half of Peru is covered by Amazonian rainforest but that size is rapidly decreasing. It is a cause for concern and authorities need to pay close attention to corrupt practices. Punitive measures need to be brought into place so that those who are caught paying bribes or receiving bribes in the face of illegal logging are punished.

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